Maximize your closet space
  • De-stress your morning routine by knowing exactly what you own

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This room off the kitchen needed to function as the pantry but there was no system, so the homeowners never knew what they had and kept purchasing more. We helped this client purge and then put a system in place with labeled categories that make sense, so they know what they have and where to find it when they need it!
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  • Master Bedroom Closet

    This new construction home needed closet systems designed and installed in the master bedroom closets. We helped the owners determine their closet needs. We then designed, ordered and installed the new system using The Container Store’s Elfa system in platinum with walnut trim. The result is a beautiful, functional and organized walk-in closet.

    organize closets
    Before and After

    Doll Closet

    This closet was being used to store items that belonged in the master bedroom and linen closets. Right next door to this closet was a girl’s bedroom overfilled with dolls, doll clothes and accessories. We emptied the contents of the closet and put them in their proper homes and created a doll closet. By creatively using a shoe organizer on the back of the door, we maximized all of the space and created perfect compartments for all of the small accessories.

    closet organization
    Before and After